My name is Juan, I am a landscape and wildlife photographer. My journey into photography started over 10 years ago. I served in the United States Army for 14 years from 1999 – 2013. During my time in the military and exposure too many incredible places around the world, I learned to focus on what is beautiful on the earth.

I have a passion for outdoors, landscapes and wildlife photography that is endless. I have traveled to incredible parks, shorelines and wilderness and many other incredible places around the world to capture images that represent each area and subject though my own artistic eye. 

I strive for continuing education on a daily basis in photography, fine-tuning my skill sets to provide an image that can tell a story. This allows me to capture and display the best photos possible!

Besides personal adventures for photography, I enjoy helping others learn about photography whether beginner or advance.

This website is the culmination of having various other medias to display my work, I feel though that a website will help draw all my most impressive images into one place and can help display these images in the best possible way.


As a photographer I want to use my skills as a tool to educate and inspire the public about science and conservation issues.

My goals in photographing are:

Educate the public about conservation

Inspire others to protect and share the knowledge of our amazing landscapes and wildlife

Communicate the need to protect wildlife and wild places


I currently use a Nikon D850 with a Nikon D800 as a backup. My main lens is the Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6, but I also make use of my Tamron 90mm macro F2.8, Nikkor 50mm F1.8 Prime, Rokinon 24mm F1.4 for my astrophotography, Sigma 10-20mm for wide landscape and for my aerial photography I use a DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Mavic Pro.

I hope you enjoy this website, feel free to contact me about anything and keep checking back for updated galleries and future project work.

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